This talk is about a blog on Gamification – the latest buzz word in corporate productivity. It talks about how we can use this technique to improve our self and also our surrounding people.

5 Leaders One Book – The GITA

This is about a blog in each we talk about 5 leaders and their interest in one Shloka from the GITA and how have they lived that life using those principles.

The Drama Triangle – BLOG

This is about a blog that explains the DRAME TRIANGLE which every one of us experiences during our daily life. It tells us about what it is and how to overcome this triangle for a successful life.


This is about a blog that talks about creativity and the science behind it. It also tells us about how one can improve their creativity skills and what are its benefits.

Conversation – Blog

This is a biog about how to make a good conversation. There are around 9 tips to follow if you want to have a good conversation with anyone. The tips are very easy to understand and follow.


This blog talks about inspiration and how to get inspired and also maintain the same inspiration in your daily life. It also talks about the scientific steps to invoke inspiration inside all of us.

Depression How To Come Out Of It – Blog

This episode talks about a blog in which it tells us how depression comes and what should be done to get out of it. Really nice blog, please listen and share it with all.

Continuous Improvement – Blog

This episode is about a blog that talks about Continous Improvement from the website TheDailyZen. It talks about the 3 easy tips with which anyone can make continuous improvement in their goals.

The Tipping Point – Blog

This is a review of the book by Malcolm Gladwell called The Tipping Point where he says how an idea can spread like wildfire and what is the science behind it. Please listen full and share it with all your friends. Also, try to read the book – a Must Read,