Appatha is an inspirational and a very touching love story wherein the writer very beautifully depicts the true love of a lady named Appatha towards her husband throughout her married life. Appatha has an excellent and a wonderful theme showing that true love has absolutely no limits and boundaries for the near and dear family… Continue reading Appatha

Yaanai Doctor

This is an amazing story of Yaanai Doctor worked with so much dedication and devotion in offering his services to elephant, that even the conferment of the Padmashree Award was of not much interest and concern to hi . We all humans should understand that we all have a dedicated environment in which we stay… Continue reading Yaanai Doctor

It’s a Wonderful Life

A very well story which explains importance of self in life, whenever you feel down in life understand there is some reason behind it and God have a wonderful and a great purpose and that everybody touches everybody’s life. We should understand that life on earth is very beautiful and really meant to be so… Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life

Koonduku veliye oru Pulveli

This is an awesome story written by Vannadasan stories generally have no great twists in them, but have a thin line of love throughout the story. The most important concept is that a book should not be judged by it’s cover without understanding the background and the most important of all is that such hasty… Continue reading Koonduku veliye oru Pulveli


This is an very interesting story which teaches us about moral values on how one should be very integral to everyone in his life also the story tells about the extreme efforts of man for making money for his daughter’s marriage.


Just as compared to the snake and ladder game , people too have a great responsibility to lead a life that is righteous and a god -fearing life to reach at the top most part of life that is filled with a lot of happiness , joy and great love of God at all times… Continue reading PUTRU

Kasu Maram

Kasu Maram literally means money plant in tamil language. This story teaches us the importance of being under umbrella of parents, if there is no regular communication with parents children might go out of hands and get involved in wrong activities so it is very important to communicate & share your problems with the family.… Continue reading Kasu Maram


Ekalaivan story is an extension of Mahabharata story and the most interesting one as it gives a beautiful character- sketch of Ekalaivan . This story explains us importance of guru in our life and how he can change our life so let us all in this world follow this great message of Lord Krishna to… Continue reading Ekalaivan

Sivandha Kaigal

This story teaches us that honesty pays always and telling lies and getting material gains and power is only temporary in world . From young age itself one should learn to be honest in all walks of life and surrender himself to God completely because God certainly knows what is best for us. By practicing… Continue reading Sivandha Kaigal

Yarukku Theriyum

Uncontrolled ambitions and wishes for material gains can turn even a nice person into a worst person and eventually into a most hatred person by people at large. As jealousy is the root cause of all the problems it is essential that one learns to live well within his own limits and not aspire for… Continue reading Yarukku Theriyum