Kulasekara Alzhwar

Kulasekhara (fl. 9th century CE), seventh of the twelve mystic alzhwars, was a bhakti theologian, a devotional poet from medieval south India. Scholars identify Kulasekhara with royal Chera playwright Kulasekhara Varma and Sthanu Ravi Kulasekhara, one of the earliest Chera/Perumal kings of Kerala.​Kulasekhara Alzhwar is considered as the author of Vaishnavite poems Perumal Tirumozhi (Tamil) and Mukundamala (Sanskrit). The Perumal Tirumozhi, whose second decade is known as Tetrarum Tiral, is compiled as a part of Nalayira Divya Prabandham.​​​Please listen to the story and share it will all.


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