Under the tree

"Under the Tree" is a story narrating initiative to relive childhood and Our lives by relating to stories by great writers of yesteryears.The objective is to rekindle the interest of reading and showcase the Indian authors work which gives rebirth to the tradition, culture,and way of life through experiential reading.Spiritual series that is rich in Indian ethos along with Management aspects increase positivity which is much needed always.







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The Story

In this fast paced,people are want of time to read books.Hence this initiative to make people listen to the essence of books through audio mode which they would have aspired to read or have read in their early days.

When the digital medium is bombarding all of us with negative thoughts through non appropriate content, this is an initiative to kindle Optimism and showcase the richness of universal culture, tradition and good reads from the global diaspora.

An idea of Mrs Ramya Vasudevan to share the audio stories amongst the friends and relatives in a small way has grown to be a big tree with 40000+ listeners.

Listeners for "Under the Tree" are across the globe through WhatsApp, Telegram, Podcast , FB, YouTube etc., Children to Senior citizens are vivid listener's with diversifies range from CEOs, industrialists, senior defence and Police personal, academicians, HR personal, Film fraternity etc., This initiative reaches 5000 plus individuals through Digital Medium, have crossed 48000 streams in podcast.

Children of Cerebral palsy have found to respond well to the stories of Mrs.Ramya. Many Senior Citizens go Comfortably to sleep after listening to the Stories. The response is overwhelming and we want to spread the same to a wider audience for the benefit of much more in the society.

We would like to render this service to the society by taking this initiative to schools, colleges and corporate houses.

Praise and Testimonials

The storing you are narrating is very mind blowing/useful & interesting.Especially today's story about Lasara's TAPAS. I heard only upto that gurukkal boy worshipping wife ad goddess after that what happened is brain breaking.

Ravi from Coimbatore.

First of all thank you so much for such a great ,selfless, meticulous endeavour. The choice of stories are awesome not just stories the titles you choose to narrate are really deep n meaningful

Sowmia from Nanganallur.

I really admire and appreciate your service due to fast moving era and people slowly forget the habit of reading expecially epic stories and puranas and slowly forget their value and identity. 


At school, we have a tradition of story telling and in the primary years, all learning happen through stories and fables. So I was immediately attracted to the idea of a story everyday when Sreedhar ji (Yoga Shanthi Gurukulam) mentioned it and I joined the group immediately.

Sindhu from Coimbatore.